Get the Lead Out

"Don't believe the evening news: Violent crime and murder have been declining steadily for two decades in this country. Last year was statistically the safest year in almost four decades for Americans [Read more...]"

Grist, 10/18/2011

Mad Dogs & Britons

"We made landfall at North Point with 295 British horses at our command and were met immediately by the defenders of Maryland. "Two dollars," demanded the woman in the tollbooth, adding, "Pretty car. What is it? [Read more...]"

Urbanite Magazine, 7/28/2011

Road Rage

"Share the Road -and that's an order! The message is printed in bold letters on bright yellow signs, accompanied by a pictogram of a bicycle. Since the city planning department completed its Bicycle Master Plan in 2006, these signs have been popping up around town [Read more...]"

Urbanite Magazine, 6/1/2009


Notes From Beneath the Sea

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