In 1972, Jim and Concetta Meyer were traveling through the flat corn prairies of Baltimore when a streaking bolt of fire tore across the mid autumn sky. They shared a lingering glance and Concetta whispered, "A shooting star! I wish for a baby of our very own."

"And make him a man child of mighty stature and incredible sexual prowess," responded Jim "A man as feared by his enemies as he is admired by his subjects."

Just that moment the earth shook as the hurtling space missile struck the side of the road. That next morning, the world would learn that the Meyer family had grown by one. A baby boy. Did I mention that Concetta was nine months pregnant? I always leave out details. The important thing is that their wishes came true.

Jim and Concetta did their best to raise little Jimmy. They taught him to read and write, how to string a bow, shoe a horse, gut a yak and tan its hide, but most importantly they taught him how to whittle a joke out of nothing more than a ridiculous premise, seven feet of bailing wire and a great deal of hubris.

Now grown up and walking this world as a Comedy Highlander, Jim Meyer has been called the greatest force of laughter the Earth will ever know. He has been called a ray of light in a world overcome with darkness. He's also been called Mike by the Chinese woman at the sub shop who never remembers his name.

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